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Android Civil Administration Reporting System

Android Civil Administration Reporting System

Civil administration is the administration where the people must abide by the rules that are formed by the government or higher authorities. The complaints given by the public are not reaching the higher authorities on time. In turn it is the public who have to suffer from all these problems. The problems might be related to the roads, education and so on. It will be not possible for the common public to communicate directly with the higher authorities. So to make this task easier, Android Civil administration reporting system can be developed. It will make the civil administration to work in a smarter way through the use of android phones.

Android Civil Administration Reporting System

The higher authorities will reach the public only at the time of elections. After their victory in the elections, the public will not be able to reach them to share their problems. If they go to meet the authorities in charge, they will be asked to wait for hours together. No one will be having patience to listen to the problems of the public. Through the use of the android phones having Android civil administration Reporting system, you will be able to reach them. Android civil Administration Reporting system can play a major role in this. It enables the common public to lodge their complaints through this system which will notify the higher authorities to take actions regarding problems. In order to have the civil administration to function in a smooth way, there should be proper understanding between the public and higher authorities. Android civil administration system can help to have control over the traffic problem, road facility, water plants and electricity problem. This can act as a bridge between the public and the higher authorities. The administration can have the reports of the problems lodged. This will promote the growth of the nation as well.

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