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Dance Academy Management System

Dance Academy Management System

Dance Academy Management System is a web application to manage the activities of dance academy. Project title given Danzography which keeps track of all dance academy information like student enquiery/registration information, batch information, attendence details, staff information and keeps track of dance academy day to day transactions. This is the web based application for Dance academy.In this system it will display all information about academy and at the same time this project manages all activites dance academy. It has online application form which helps new students to apply through online.

Languages, Tools and Database:

  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Design and interface: HTML, CSS
  • Script : AJAX, Javascript

Project Modules of Dance Academy Management System:

  • Enquiry Information: To feed day-to-day enquiry.
  • Student registration : To feed the information of enquiries which are taking admissions. All the necessary information has to be fed.
  • Batch details: To feed the details like batch code,  name and duration.
  • Trainer  Information: To feed the details like Trainer name, address, timing, salary etc.
  • Student Material Issue: To feed the material that is to be issued to the student viz. Costumes
  • Stage  performance details. 
  • Award details: Is a form to enter the awards  that have been secured by the students in their various stage performance. So that they can be referred to whenever required.

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