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Milk Dairy Management System

Milk Dairy Management System

An online milk diary management system is a digital platform that allows for the tracking and management of milk production and distribution activities. It is often used by dairy farmers, milk processors, and distribution companies to track the volume and quality of milk being produced, as well as to manage the collection and distribution of milk to customers. The system may include features such as the ability to enter and track milk production data, set production targets, monitor milk quality, and manage customer orders and deliveries. It can also provide reports and analytics on milk production and distribution activities. The use of an online milk diary management system can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of milk production and distribution operations, and may also provide a record of activities for regulatory or compliance purposes.

Objectives of Milk Dairy Management System

The main objective of this website is to automate the complete operations of the Dairy Distributors office and bring ease between each dairy managers and the system admin. They need to maintain hundreds of thousands of records. Also searching should be very faster so they can find required details instantly.

Purpose of Milk Dairy Management System

The purpose of this document is to specify requirements and to give guidelines for the development of “Milk Dairy Management System” project. In particular it gives guidelines on how to prepare the project. This document is intended to be a practical guide for the development of the website.

Software Interface:

  • Back End: PHP
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Database: My SQL

Project Features

  • The web application has a user friendly interface and is easy to use.
  • It can be accessed by dairy managers and admin at any time in any Platform
  • Keeps the track of transaction done.
  • Reduces manual work and time consumption.
  • Provides data security.
  • Data loss and misuse of data is avoided.
  • Only administrator can control dairy managers’ addition and deletion.
  • Dairy manager can add or delete items in their dairy.

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