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Spare Parts Inventory System

We have developed a software application for Spare Parts Inventory System in order to overcome drawbacks of traditional Store Management System. Here the software maintains all the transaction of the business. It’s a complete Inventory software and Accounting system. This application will track each and every transaction that needed to store and manage Different Parts. C#.NET Language and Microsoft Access used Crystal report used to generate billing reports, accounting reports, etc. It helps to reduce costs by reducing the amount of paper, time, and energy used.

Project features:

1. Accounting report

2. Cash Management

3. Employee Management

4. Administration

5. Report

  • Front End : C#.Net
  • Back End : Microsoft Access Driver

Flow chart for a spare parts inventory software:

  1. Receive new spare parts: When a shipment of spare parts arrives, they are received into the inventory system.
  2. Enter spare parts into the system: The details of each spare part, such as the part number, description, and quantity, are entered into the inventory database.
  3. Update inventory levels: The quantity of each spare part in the inventory is updated to reflect the new shipment.
  4. Process orders: When a customer places an order for a spare part, the system checks the inventory to ensure that the required part is in stock. If the part is available, the system decrements the quantity in the inventory and generates an invoice for the customer.
  5. Generate reports: The inventory system can generate various reports, such as a list of spare parts that are low in stock or a history of orders for a particular part.
  6. Reorder spare parts: If the quantity of a particular spare part falls below a certain threshold, the system can automatically generate a purchase order to restock the part.
  7. Receive restocked parts: When the restocked spare parts arrive, the process starts again at step 1.

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  2. how to create automated alert system for particular time table (if want make any changes in time table controller only can change urgently)

  3. Tell me a thing that is it necessary to make the master page in the starting on we can make it any time during the project

  4. what is the admin id and password ??

  5. Please give admin password, or back end password.

  6. I don’t even know how to open this progrm,can anyone help?

  7. موقع جميل بس من يستحق فقد ان يدل عليه يكون عارف قيمته

  8. garaniya siddharth
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