Android based App Locker

As the name suggests “Android based App Locker”, locking of the applications in your android mobiles. Some people purposefully  try to see the applications or private stuffs that are available in others phone. Even if we warn them not to see those stuffs they will be least bothered about it. Everyone has secrets that they do not wish to share it with anybody else. At that time this App Locker comes into picture. This app will be used when you want to hide the applications from the unknown users or when you do not want others to access your applications. Enabling this app, restricts the unkown users to access your facebook, gallery app or banking app. It is one of the application that is used for the security purposes.  Many app locking applications are made available in the google play store.  But you can make your own App locker android project to distinguish it from others. The cons of the available app locking applications can be made as prons in your project.

Android based App Locker

Android based App Locker

App locker Android project can include the following features:

  • Individual application lock
  • Face Recognition lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Password lock
  • Finger print lock
  • Location lock
  • Time lock

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