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Textile Shop management system

Textile Shop management system

The Textile management system application is developed for managing the textile shop. The idea of textile shop development is how to manage the textile shop in a good manner or we can say managing the textile shop well from which people can get profit or just stay out from the difficulties, how the things is proper in the shopping mall, what is the input in the shopping mall and what is the output how to track the goods are available there or which is sort.

All this is auto track by the application from which there will be no any difficulties facing by the management after all there are certain report generation based on the shopping mall daily turnover, monthly turnover etc .

Existing System:

The existing system is a manual or semi automated system, i.e. The Textile Management System is the system that can directly sent to the shop and will purchase clothes whatever you wanted. The users are purchase dresses for festivals or by their need. They can spend time to purchase this by their choice like color, size, and designs, rate and so on.

Our Textile Management System provides a easy way to purchase the clothes through the on line. It’s the simplest way to purchase dresses in the network.

Proposed System:

Because the user just join with our community and can purchase a latest designs and colors with low rates. And then provides the discount on selected clothes. It’s based on the materials quality. It’s the easy way to shopping at your home. So you don’t need a whole day to purchase your dress. We just deliver it to your home.

          The users of our sites just create your account to shopping with us. There in our site we uploads the latest designs, lower rate materials, whole sale clothes for men’s, women’s and for also kids.

          They But now in the world everyone is busy. They don’t need time to spend for this. Because they can spend whole the day to purchase for their whole family.

          But in the network, it provides a facility to purchase whatever u wanted and deliver that to your home. So everyone likes to purchase in online shopping. It have a all facilities like easy shopping, simple money credit methods from credit/master cards, can choose by your choice based on the rates, all branded and designed materials available and most important thing is door delivery.

Modules of Textile Shop management system

1. User Details:

          This modules contains add the new dealer details.  It Includes are User id, name, date of birth, address, mobile number, e-mail id, password and so on.

2. Item Details:

          This modules contains Add the new item it includes item name, id, date, unit price, manufacturing date details maintained. And view the item details, edit the item details, delete the unwanted item details maintained.

3. Purchase:

          This modules contains are user purchase the item details maintained. It includes are item name, purchasing date, no of quantity, rate details and so on.

4. Report:

          This Module Contains two sub Modules. They are a. User Report- user can view their past purchase history and b. Admin Report- Admin can view the user history and purchase history.

Download Textile Shop management system

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