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Online Exam Portal

Online Exam Portal

The Online Exam Portal will permit to take and give online examination and maintaining master information and generating various reports of test. The main users of the project are Student or Member and system Administrator. From an end-user perspective, the e Examination System Project consists of two functional elements: enhanced Member modules for registration, giving examination, manage profile. And Administration module for Mange members, examination, question bank and view the reports. This Online Examination System project developed using PHP and the record stores in MySQL database.

Modules of Online Exam Portal

  • Login Module: In this module user can login to the website by entering login ID and password. After Login the system links to Profile page.
  • Accounts Module: The module maintains the details for each student as well as provides a facility for editing the student details and the students can change their own passwords in this module if required.
  • Examination Module: In this module students can take the exam and submit the answers. The system can automatically create exams by randomly choosing questions from database. It provides limited time to answer the questions. When the student starts the exam the timer will start automatically and show the student how much time is left. After the exam this module will be disabled automatically and Results can be viewed immediately upon Submission.
  • Dashboard Module: Only Administrator and Examiner can access this module. Here administrator or examiner can view student details, Marks report, examination report, etc. It has a facility to Add students details, view student List as well as Edit student details and Also administrator can manage users details, course and subject details.
  • Question Bank Module: Questions bank will have a program to add, modify and delete questions from subject. Here Examiner can upload questions and set valuation schemes and test duration. The questions have different attributes like subject, topic, marks, question text, options and the answer. The question can be text or image.
  • Results Module: In this module students and examiners will get instant results. Results can also be printed as soon as the test finishes.

Types of Users

There are 3 kinds of users in the proposed system.

  • Student: The student will logon to the system and take his/her examination. He can also check his previous examinations marks and his/her details. The student will get result immediately after the completion of the examination.
  • Examiner:  Examiners of each course will prepare questions and its options and loaded into the software. Examiners will approve student certificates generated by system.
  • Administrator: The administrator is the main user of the system, and he can control complete website.

Online Exam Portal Video Demo

Download PHP MySQL Online exam project:

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