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CGI Auction in Perl

CGI Auction in Perl

Download CGI Auction in Perl software with full functionality. Multilingual, multi-theme, unlimited nested categories, category specific custom fields, and public auctions are available. Fully automated and featured auctions with gallery, media and files uploads. This project is is written in Perl using a MySQL database.

Introduction about Perl:

Perl is becoming more popular as a CGI scripting language. Perl is used for graphics programming, system administration, network programming, finance, bioinformatics, and other applications in addition to CGI. Perl is capable of processing encrypted Web data, including e-commerce transactions. Perl is both a programming language and a programme that runs on your computer. Perl is widely used for application development and GUI development, system administration, and network programming due to its text manipulation capabilities and rapid development cycle.

Implemented features in CGI Auction in Perl:

  • Message box: Administrate the incoming and out going messages from users and administration.
  • Three level Administration: Three tier level with lowered control and access privileges for additional administrators.
  • Auction Items with category: When submitting and item for selling, to have the possibility to suggest a new category at any path level. The administrators can view and act upon suggested categories.
  • User Registration: When registering the user should have to possibility to set up the calendar format and Time zone. User needs to register by entering Name, Email ID, date of birth, Phone number, etc.
  • Advertisement and Banner: Advertisers Accounts generate automatically invoices for their advertisement campaigns for each and every clicks. Advertisement runs on Pay per click basis.
  • Excel Upload: Implemented Windows Excel Bulk Lister which enables the user to list items to the system without having to visit the site.
  • PayPal payment Gateway integration: Buyers and sellers with a PayPal account can seamlessly conclude the sales of items with the end of auction combined PayPal checkout.
  • Outlook Email Integration: Internal messaging system with a better outlook and some extra information about other ongoing auctions, extending this to items.
  • Shopping Feature: New functions and features for shopping – Trending, New, Repeated shopping, etc.

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