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OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack is an open-source cloud computing platform that allows users to create and manage virtual machines and other resources through a web-based interface or API. OpenStack is composed of multiple individual projects, each of which provides a specific set of functionality. The core projects of OpenStack include:

  1. Nova: This project provides the basic infrastructure for creating and managing virtual machines, also known as instances.
  2. Neutron: This project provides networking functionality, allowing users to create and manage virtual networks and associated resources.
  3. Cinder: This project provides block storage functionality, allowing users to create and manage virtual disk volumes.
  4. Swift: This project provides object storage functionality, allowing users to store and retrieve large amounts of data.
  5. Keystone: This project provides identity and access management functionality, allowing users to authenticate and authorize access to OpenStack resources.
  6. Horizon: This project provides a web-based dashboard for managing OpenStack resources.
  7. Glance: This project provides image management functionality, allowing users to create, store, and retrieve virtual machine images.
  8. Heat: This project provides orchestration functionality, allowing users to automate the deployment and management of multi-tier applications.

There are many other projects under OpenStack, and new ones are added regularly to enhance the functionality of the platform. OpenStack supports a wide range of operating systems and hypervisors, and is designed to be highly scalable and modular, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments, from small test labs to large enterprise deployments.

Overall, OpenStack is a powerful and flexible cloud computing platform that can be used to build private, public, and hybrid clouds.

OpenStack is an open source, private cloud alternative to Amazon Web Services and other public cloud platforms. The software controls compute, storage and networking resources throughout a data canter. It is managed through a dashboard, command line or via the OpenStack API.

OpenStack Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing project. It is free open-source software released under Apache License, which acts as platform for creating, deploying and customizing public or private clouds. It’s goal is to provide a flexible and customizable solution for both public and private clouds of any size, and for this matter two basic requirements are considered: clouds must be simple to implement and massively scalable. To meet these principles OpenStack is divided into different components that work together. Logstash is a tool for maintaining logs, here it is used for OpenStack.

OpenStack Cloud


Clouds must be simple to implement and massively scalable. To meet these principles OpenStack is divided into different components that work together. This integration is achieved through application programming interfaces – APIs – offered and consumed by each service. With these APIs, services can communicate with each other and also allows a service to be replaced by another with similar characteristics, only if the form of communication is maintained i.e. OpenStack is extensible and meets the needs of those who wish to implement it. From a deployer’s point of view, each service in OpenStack has become easier to deploy with more sensible defaults and the proliferation’s of cloud distributions. However, the architects view of OpenStack has actually gotten more complicated.


Aim of this project is to automate OpenStack installation for building a opensource platform for private cloud, to build extensions for Keystone component and also to work on Logstash which is to manage logs of OpenStack.


Front End                                :           Ruby, Python

Backend                                  :           MYSQL 5.5.37

Operating System                   :           Ubuntu 12.10 or above, Centos6 or above

Other                                       :           Chef, Git

Chef: It is the automation tool.

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