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AC Sales and Service System

AC Sales and Service System

 AC Sales and Service System

The main aim of this project is which stores and provides information about Purchase report, Sales report, maintenance records, Service reports and annual maintenance records to the administrator. There are three types of users in this system. They are Administrator, Employees,  and Customers. This project developed for AC Sales & Service provider company. The project AC Sales and Service System has been developed on VB.NET.

The user can generate bill by entering  Customer details, Air conditioner and its cost. The system generates bill in the printed format. All the record stores in the database. The company also do maintenance of the air conditioner and this project stores all AMC customer details.

Modules of the Project:

  • Customer module : In the customers module the employees can add and view customers record. If the customer
  • Login module: The users can login to the website by entering login id and password.
  • AC module: In this module user can add all details about AC.
  • Change Password module : The employees can change their password anytime by entering their old password and new password, confirm password. User must login to change the password.
  • AMC(Annual Maintenance contract module) : The AMC module which is for their customer where they can take annual maintenance contract. The system generates unique id pass book for AMC holders.
  • Summary record module: This is for administrator where administrator can view different kinds of reports. The admin can view customer reports, purchase report, billing report, etc.

Functionalities provided by the system are as follows:

  • This will manage all purchase, sales details in the single software
  • This software has search option to search customer details and manages customer information.
  • The system will display AMC reminder to the employees.
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of payment.
  • Administrator can view all kinds of reports and there is some restriction for employees.

Download Project Source code:

download project report

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