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SRS Stores Management System

This article contains Stores Management System SRS. SRS is Software Requirement Specification,whenever any project started the first step is of planning then requirement gathering ,this requirement gathering is the phase for SRS.

Stores are required for the following purposes.

1. Capital works

2. Operation and Maintenances Works

3. Other Commercial activities like hiring equipment etc.

SRS Stores Management System

Economical Feasibility

As part of this, the costs and benefits associated with the proposed system are to be compared and the project is economically feasible only if benefits outweigh costs. The Organization has already its own satellite link, and a host of SUN FIRE 6800 servers. So it need not invest newly for the internet connection and also the organization initiated to use Open Source in project development, hence there is 0 additional cost incurred for the tools that will be used.

Existing System

The existing system for Stores Management System activities uses open source standard & technologies. It had been developed on WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL platform with ‘POSTGRESQL’ database. All the stores of the power distribution company limited are made through the open source standards & technologies. The user interaction is in GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode.

Hardware And Software Requirements

2.3.1. Hardware requirements

Processor                                   :                  Pentium IV

RAM          :                  256 MB

2.3.2. Software Requirements

Operating System                     :         Windows 2000 Professional

Web Server                               :         Apache Tomcat Web Server

Programming Language            :         Java

Operational Feasibility:

This test of feasibility checks if the system works with least difficulties when it is developed and installed. The technical staff has sufficient knowledge of the tools being used and the users need just to know how to access and run the programs in the Apache Web Sever. Hence it is concluded that the system is operationally feasible.

There are many potential areas for future development in a store management system. Some potential areas for improvement include:

  1. Integration with other systems: A store management system could potentially be integrated with other systems such as an inventory management system or a point of sale system.
  2. Mobile functionality: Many store management systems are now accessed via mobile devices, and there may be opportunities to expand mobile functionality in the future.
  3. Predictive analytics: A store management system could potentially be integrated with predictive analytics tools to help with forecasting and decision making.
  4. Personalization: A store management system could be enhanced to provide more personalized recommendations to customers based on their purchase history and other data.
  5. Improved user interface: The user interface of a store management system could be made more intuitive and easy to use in order to improve the user experience.
  6. Enhanced security: As data privacy becomes increasingly important, there may be opportunities to improve the security features of a store management system to protect sensitive customer data.

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