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Police Information System

Police Information System

Police Information System is a system in which all the paperwork of the station is maintained in a single system and it makes handling of records easier. Here we can maintain , add and retrieve all the records like criminal record, complaint record, most wanted criminal record, case history etc.. in a single database system.

Project Title: Police Information System

Project Category: RDBMS (Relational Database management System)

Objective of the Project:

  • This system is developed to maintain the paperwork of the police station in a single   System.
  • Criminal records & users records can be maintained easily.
  • Security level is maintained so as to ensure that only authorized users have access
  • To confidential information.

Languages Used:

  • Front End  : VB.NET(Visual Basic)
  • Back End  : SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Platform   : Windows XP/ windows 7, DOT NET Framework 3.5

Module Description:

  • Login Module: User enters User Name and password to login this software application. There are two types of users using this software ie; admin and users like constable, inspector etc..
  • Administrative Module: In this module admin register new user details, designation, admin details, etc. and also admin assigns tasks to users.
  • Station Module: This module is for police department employees to track task and attendance details etc. and also can edit or modify user profile.
  • Complaint Registration: This module is used register complaint details. Here user has to enter complaint type, matter, given by details and given on details.
  • FIR: This module is used to register FIR record for particular complaint. User has to select the complaint id and enter FIR number.
  • Charge Sheet: After the FIR is registered Charge Sheet is issued. Those details will be entered in this module.
  • Judgment Detail: After the charge sheet is issued the person is produced to the court where he is been proved innocent or culprit. All these details are added in this module.
  • Criminal Record: In this module basic details of the criminals are added.
  • Prisoner Record: In this module prisoner records are added.
  • Law and Order Module: This module include activities such as Public Security, Checking, round ups, Passport verification etc.

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