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Match Maker Matrimonial System

A match maker matrimonial system is a computer-based system that helps match individuals seeking marriage partners. It typically includes a database of individuals who have registered with the system and provided information about themselves, such as their age, education, profession, and other personal details. The system then uses this information to match individuals based on compatibility criteria. Some match maker matrimonial systems also include features such as chat and video conferencing, allowing individuals to communicate with potential partners before meeting in person.

The match maker matrimonial system can be operated by a match maker agency, a website, or even a mobile application. They can be used by individuals of all cultures and religions, and can be tailored to specific communities or even castes.

The match maker matrimonial system aims to take the stress out of the traditional arranged marriage process by providing a platform for individuals to find compatible partners, and to facilitate communication and interaction between potential partners. It also provides an efficient and time-saving approach to the process of finding a suitable marriage partner.

Overall, match maker matrimonial systems are designed to make the process of finding a compatible marriage partner easier and more efficient, by providing a platform for individuals to find and communicate with potential partners, and to make informed decisions about marriage.

Match Maker Matrimonial System is a software application to manage all match maker agent office. This project is designed to manage all the members who registered with match maker agent. It also takes care of all the payment transactions. This program will help the match maker agent work easier. The main feature of this project is matching the alliance based on the member requirement. The program will search all the existing member’s data to match the required criteria. Which is a very tedious and difficult process? Whereas this program will helps them to solve this problem very easily.


The main objective of the application is to automate the existing method of managing data manually to systematic storage of data, which can be searched any time as and when required. The other main objective of this application is to store all the player, match, ground details. The other main objective of this project is to show score board when the match is going on.


This application is made for the match makers to the match alliance. So on successful implementation of this program in one place, it can be utilized by any match maker agent through out the country.


The software developed in Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and MS Access as a backend.

Modules of of Match Maker Matrimonial System

  • Main Screen and login Screen: This is main login screen employees as to login from this point based on their provision corresponding form will be opened.
  • Caste Entry form: This form is used to enter caste and caste details. When the form executed  the enabled buttons are New and close buttons Disabled buttons are modify, delete and save buttons. When the user selects New option then save button enabled. When user selects caste name the details of the caste displayed in the concerned text boxes., then only modify and delete buttons enabled and save disabled. When the user wishes to modify after modification again form comes to first mode ie new and close buttons enabled. The same process is applied to delete operation.  The caste form is used add new caste and caste details. We can modify and delete caste details. Validations: when the form first time executed, the form should display empty text boxes and list box should display the previous caste details.
  • Sub Caste Entry Form: This form is used to enter sub caste details and all the caste details should be displayed in the combo box so that user selects a caste for which he want to enter sub caste details. The list box in the form should display the records of the sub caste details so that user can delete and modify the sub caste details.
  • Nationality Form: This form is used to enter Nationality details
  • Education Form: This form is used to enter education details
  • The Boy Profile From : This form is used to enter and see the customer details. To add new customer, To delete customer, To modify customer etc. The CustNo generated automatically .Where ever possible the default values will be inserted automatically through combo boxes like for caste the sub caste should displayed and education, nationality can be selected through the system.

    The form contains new, save, modify, delete, print and close command buttons. The same rules and enable disabled options of the buttons are applied to this form also. It also contains one data grid to display the records of the customer. In order to look up details for a particular customer any field in data grid can be double clicked to bring up the details.
  • Girl Profile Form: This form is as same as Boy profile form
  • Search Criteria Form: This form will be used to enter search criteria for a particular customer. The form contains one command button save to save the details of the search criteria. It contains data grid to display the customer list so that user can double click on particular customer to bring up the details. Education, Caste and Religion details displayed as combo boxes and new values can be entered.
  • Search Form: This form is used to retrieve the details of the profiles depends on search parameters. This form’s layout and look and feel is as same as Search criteria form. It takes boy or girl’s age or education or religion or caste or all parameters. Depends and parameters passed it displays the details of the boy(s) or girl(s) profile in the data grid.
    The command buttons are search and print. When the form is loaded the command button search is enabled and print is disabled. When search button is selected then depends on parameters the search result is displayed in the data grid, and print button is enabled and we can print the  search details.
  • Send Letter Form: This form is used to send letters to customers, depends on customer no it sends the letter to customer desired profiles. This form contains one data grid, one text box, one search button and send letter command button. When the form is loaded Search command button is enabled and send letter is disabled, when we select customer to whom we want to send letter then only send letter command button  should enabled.
  • Receipt Entry Form: This form is used to enter transactions voucher entry .  The form is used to give/maintain   receipts when the customer made some transactions with the management.  The input is customerno, from cash/credit/cheque and details of the transactions. Voucher no is generated by the system, from account (cusotmerno) we will get all the customerno’s in the combo box so that we can select the desired customer no to whom we want to give the receipt. To account used to specify the way of transaction ie cash/cheque/card. After entering the details the details can displayed in a form of report.
  • Report Form: This form is used to input the receipt transaction details to get the report of the transactions in between dates from the customers and the way of transactions. The command buttons are display details and print. Display details button is enabled when the form loaded and prints disabled. When display details button selected the required data displayed in the data grid and print command button enabled. Print option is used to print the report.
  • Customer Report: This report is used to take the print out of the Boys or Girls profile printout.
  • Send Letter Report: This report layout is also similar to report 1.  It is having few more lines in the report. This report displays the details of the desired profiles depends on search criteria.
  • Receipt Report: This report is used to take the printout of the receipt amount received from the customers. This print out is very useful, because it gives amount collected for each duration.

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