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Online Hotel Reservation System

An online hotel reservation system is a software application that allows hotels to manage and track bookings made through their website or other online platforms. It typically includes features such as a calendar view of availability, the ability to check room rates and availability, and a booking form for customers to use when making a reservation.

A leading web application online hotel reservation system let you connect with global clients by providing them the unique search and book functionality. This online hotel reservation system is designed for any hotel, motel or travel websites. Customers and any travel agents can make searches, reservations and cancel an existing reservation on the hotel reservation’s web site. Administrator can add or update the hotel and the room information approve/disapprove a new travel agent’s account application and generate a monthly occupancy rate report for each hotel. This online application is designed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL database.

Online Hotel reservation system

Here are some common features of online hotel reservation systems:

  1. Calendar view of availability: This feature allows customers to view which dates a hotel has rooms available and which are already booked.
  2. Room rate and availability information: Customers can view information about room rates and availability for different dates, as well as the types of rooms available at the hotel.
  3. Booking form: Customers can use a booking form to enter their personal and payment information and submit a reservation request.
  4. Confirmation emails: After a reservation is made, the system can send a confirmation email to the customer with details about the booking.
  5. Cancellation policies: The system can provide information about the hotel’s cancellation policies and allow customers to cancel their reservations if necessary.

Online hotel reservation systems can help hotels streamline their booking process, reduce the workload of front desk staff, and make it easier for customers to book rooms.

Features of Online Hotel reservation system:

  • Anytime and anywhere access
  • Book directly on your website
  • Online Hotel reservation system runs on any web browser.\
  • Room + Hotel Image Gallery
  • Room + Hotel Description

Features for Administrator:

Hotel Management Configuration
Add, Edit, Delete room details
Change Password
Add users, staff, reception, etc
Check Booking Status
Cancel Booking Status
Sales Report
Staff Details
View and search customers profiles (booking & cancellation)

Working Process:

  • Step 1: Search hotel
  • Step 2: List hotels for particular search
  • Step 3: Select an hotel
  • Step 4: List available rooms
  • Step 5: Reserve rooms
  • Step 6: Login
  • Step 7: Place the reservation
  • Step 8: Display confirmation numbers

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  3. Wonderful project, am looking forward for the same in java

  4. Wonderful project, am looking forward for the same in java, please share foe help

  5. what php file runs this project …?

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