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Android Circuit Breaker

Android Circuit Breaker

Android Circuit Breaker is an automatically operated switch which is designed to protect the electric circuit. It is very useful since it will help in saving many lives and properties from the electric shocks. But it will be awesome if the circuit can be controlled through your Android device. You can enter the correct password and then break the circuit to restrict the flow of electric current in it. Electric circuits occur when the current is overloaded in a particular circuit. This will be one of the interesting projects to work upon. The Android circuit breaker will also be a solution to all the electric malfunctions that occur in this world.

Android Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers act as the protection against short circuits and over current. Most of the electric accidents are to be seen in line man. Due to some misunderstandings there might be electric current still flowing in the particular circuit that he is working on. This will result in the death of that person. This application will be helpful to the people. The line men himself can switch off the circuit through their Android device having the Android circuit breaker being installed in it. It can also provide the facility of switching on the electric circuit after the work has been completed. Since line man himself has the control of switching on and off the electric circuits then there will be no question of such accidents taking place. Short circuits or over current happens even in houses, offices and many other places. Even at this time, the Android circuit breaker can be used to break the circuit. If one feels that something fishy about the electric circuits in their houses or offices, they can just break the circuit through this application. In this way it can help people and also save their precious lives from the electric accidents.

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