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Point Of Sale

This Point Of Sale (POS) application will provide a user with information like stock levels, items sold, items to order, popular item, consumer demand etc. at any particular time. This is the software for inventory management which is designed particularly for hotel bars to enable Manager/supervisor to manage stock efficiently in their department. At the end of a business day the manager/supervisor enter the sales figures in the app. The sales figures will be taken on end of day report from cash tills in the bar.

This project which we have made is for bar management. The bar shop was facing some problems by using the ordinary old ways for calculating stock, sell and purchase. The old way was so slow and inaccurate. In this project we will deal with the stock. As stock is the most important thing in any business so we will deal with this aspect with more priority. By using software methodology the problems of this shop has become less. Now accuracy is no problem while the stock is saved in database. So everything is going perfect.

This system is designed for the ease of shopkeeper and owner of the shop. So we designed a very easy interface which can user learn that what the buttons will perform when they are clicked. This interface can be used by both the illiterate to computing and expert user.

Point Of Sale

Project title: Point Of Sale

Made By : Sibghatullah Marwat

Front End: JAVA

Back End: Microsoft Access Driver

System Constraints:

1) Login for managers with unique username and passwords. Managers will act like administrators. They will have more user rights than supervisor.

2) Login for supervisors.

3) App should let them add, delete and change items with their prices.

4) Delivery items are added in the app.

5) The main aim of this desktop app will be to generate various Beverage reports by clicking of a button. Many 3-4 star hotels spends hours trying to generate each report.

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