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Costume Inventory Managment System

Costume Inventory Managment System

Costume Inventory Managment System is software application which is basically used to store the details about the company which organizes events. During the event, the customer requires certain items and the customer orders these items from this company. Basically, the day to day transactions which happens in this company is been maintained. This software is designed to replace an existing manual record system for reducing time taken for calculations and for storing data. The system uses Visual Basic .net as front end and SQL server as a backend for the database.

Costume Inventory Managment System is mainly used to automate the existing system of  manually maintaining the records of the customers, employees and the items present in the company. Along with adding of order details, generating bills, generating monthly employee  details, maintaining attendance records of the employees is done. Analysis of the stock is also done which plays a vital role. Admin has all the rights.

Software Interfaces

  • Operating System            Windows
  • Front end                          VB.Net
  • Back end                          SQL Server

Product Functions

The data represented in Costume Inventario software application will perform the following major function

  • User creation.
  • Adding and viewing client details.
  • Records on renting  of costume.
  • Adding and viewing records of  customers and costumes.
  • Payment record and the costume rented record.
  • Details about the customer and the costume available

Modules of the Project:

Register: User Name and Password will be provided for the admin and the user.

Customer: In Customer module, the basic details of the customers are added who order the items from the event company. Along with the adding, the customer records which are added can also be viewed.

Item: In this module, a detailed  list of the items present in the company are maintained. Along with the adding, the records which are added can also be viewed.

Stock Analysis: In this module, After each purchase and order, the stock of items has to be updated. The stock of the items currently in hand is displayed. Along with the adding, the records which are added can also be viewed.

Order: When a customer gives an order for ceratin items, a detailed account of all those orders are maintained. The details regarding a customer order are item name, quantity, price etc are stored in this segment. The delivery date is also specified by the customer for the items which   has to be delivered within the time. Once the order is added, a bill is also generated.

Employee : In this module, detailed description of the employee’s are added. Along with the adding, the records which are added can also be viewed.

Attendance: Attendance is taken for each employee daily. This function has high priority as the final salary generation depends upon the values we set here.

Report: Report module includes all the attendance reports, detailed Customer reports, stock  reports, order reports ,outstanding amount, transaction reports are maintained.

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