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Supermarket Billing System

A Supermarket Billing System in Visual Basic 6 (VB6) would involve creating a software application using the Visual Basic 6 programming language and the Microsoft Visual Studio 6 development environment. The system would typically include the following features and components:

  1. Product Database: This is a database that stores information about the products available in the supermarket, including product name, price, and stock levels.
  2. Billing Interface: This is the user interface that the cashier uses to enter product information and generate bills for customers. It would typically include features such as a product search function, a shopping cart, and a bill preview.
  3. Billing Engine: This is the component of the system that handles the calculations and logic required to generate a bill. It would typically include features such as calculating the total cost of the items in the shopping cart, applying discounts or coupons, and calculating taxes.
  4. Reports: The system would also include report generation feature that generates reports of daily, weekly or monthly sales and stock inventory.
  5. Data Storage: The system would store data in a database such as MS Access or SQL Server, allowing for easy data retrieval and manipulation.

Developing a Supermarket Billing System in Visual Basic 6 would require knowledge of the Visual Basic 6 programming language, as well as experience with database programming and working with the Microsoft Visual Studio 6 development environment. The development of the system would also require careful planning, testing and debugging to ensure that the system is efficient, reliable and user-friendly.

This Supermarket Billing System will handle all the activities of super market. The main goal of this project is to convert the existing manual system to automated sales process system.

Features in this software:

User has to add customer details before generating billing details.

Each item has its unique code. By entering item code the system displays item description and item price.

The bill format has Customer name , Customer address, and customers contact number.

Administrator can update the items delivered or not and even he can check the payment status.

Administrator can add supplier details and item details with price.

This software has salary module which calculates employees basic salary, DA, HRA, TA automatically.

Administrator can create multiple users or employees in this system.

Administrator or users can change password by entering username, valid old password, new password and confirm password(repeat new password).

Software specifications:

Front end: Visual basic 6.0

Back end: Oracle

Database connection string:

con.Open “dsn=VIJAY;uid=VIJAY;pwd=VIJAY”

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