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Online Auction and Bidding System

Online Auction and Bidding System

Online Auction and Bidding System is the website application where participants can bid for the products and users can upload products for auction. In online auction project that holds online auctions of various products on a website and serves sellers and bidders accordingly. The system is designed to allow customers/users to setup their products for auctions and bidders to register and bid for various products available for bidding. This project developed using PHP and all the record stores in MySQL database.

The end goal of the project is to create a fully functional online auction and bidding system that allows users to participate in auctions and place bids on various items.

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Online Auction and Bidding System Features and scope:

  • This auction website works online. The bidder and seller can participate in auction from anywhere at any time through online auction.
  • Those who wish to take part in bidding or sell products at the site have to register at the site as customer. Only authenticated customers can take part in selling or in bidding.
  • Customer can see the profile of the bidding history of items which are still open. Similarly the seller can see the progress of bidding.
  • This will store bidders record and bidding record.
  • Auction winners and losers get an Email notification whether they won or lost the bid.

Programming Language:

  • Design: HTML, CSS
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database used: MySQL
  • Validation: Javascript, Jquery

Modules of Online Auction and Bidding System

  • LOGIN/REGISTRATION MODULE: Those who wish to take part in Bidding or sell products at the site have to register at the site as customer. Only authenticated users can take part in selling or in bidding. In this module customer can register to the system by entering registration details. After the registration they can login to the system by entering unique login id and password.
  • CUSTOMER MODULE: In the customer module customer can view his own bidding details, Purchase report, auction winning report, etc.
  • PRODUCT LIST MODULE: This collects information like product name, product detail, product image, Start bid, Sale price, Bidding start date and end date.
  • CHAT MODULE: If the customer has any queries regarding product they can directly contact with sellers. 24×7 online chat features available. If the seller is offline then the message stores under seller message box.
  • REPORT MODULE: This module is for administrator to check sales report, product report, auction report, payment report, etc.
  • DASHBOARD MODULE: This dashboard module is for administrator and employees. Admin has full authority of the website and employee has limited authority.
  • SETTINGS MODULE: Here administrator can add employees, categories, website settings, etc.

Download Project Source code:

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  • Complete Source code with Database backup
  • Complete Project documentation (132 Pages with Project Report and diagrams)
  • What you get after purchase – View Here.
  • Students feedback – View Feedback Testimonial

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    • The card details you entered in that is only for testing purpose. In haraaj project (Project Type 3) – it has live payment gateway. But you need to purchase payment gateway from paykun providers. They given one api key. you need to integrate that.

  6. I have uploaded product it is not displaying image. Kindly check the issue.

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    • We do not customize the project. Our development team will charge for modifications. If you have basic knowledge of php, html, css then you can delete this feature.. Just check whether you can delete that or not. If it is not possible then contact our whatsapp number.

  8. Really good, they are help me a lot….. Anybody can’t able to do u r project u can gave to them….they are doing well…as per ur requirement

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    • Yes. Suppose if you get any issues or errors in the project then we will provide support through anydesk.

      But we don’t provide support for modification.

      You asked us to modify permalinks feature, Social share links and many others. It takes sometimes to modify or develop.

      We are here to sell 100% working ready projects.

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        • This is the second time you approaching me. Our team checked everywhere. But your email id is not registered in our website.

          Please contact our Whatsapp support team: +919972853368

          They will answer all your queries..

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    I have purchased this project but some file are blank and project function properly not working so what should I do? And now this is the registered email right 

    • Yes. You already discussed with our tech support team.

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      Even the project you have is very old and out dated project.

      Suppose if you purchased from our website then you will get complete support and service.

  22. I’m looking for a similar system, but bidding at a lower price. Where the buyer customer posts an order. schedule day and time to open the electronic trading session. Then the customer supplier bids the lowest price. Your system is able to do this

  23. What is the role of employees? You don’t mention it … 

    And what is the exact meaning of reverse bid? 

    • In a system where the options are the same for both the administrator and employees, it means that both the administrator and employees have access to the same set of features or functionalities. Administrator is having full authority and employees having limited authority.

      In a reverse bid auction, the customer or buyer specifies the item or service they need, and potential sellers or suppliers compete by submitting unique bids. Unlike a traditional auction where bids increase, in a reverse bid auction, suppliers strive to offer the lowest unique bid. The customer then evaluates the bids and selects the supplier with the lowest unique bid as the winner.

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