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Cafe Gaming System

Cafe Gaming System

The main objective of Cafe Gaming System is to develop an application for the Monty’s Cafe. This Includes 2 sections i.e, 1. Cafe section 2. Gaming section. Cafe section includes sales of the beverages and eatables. This also maintains the stock present in the cafe with the details. For every purchase bills are provided to the customers. It also generates monthly sales report. CGS is a standalone System that supports multi user. It is mainly used for maintaining the Inventory of cafe, Gaming details, Sales, Membership, Employee payroll, Bills etc.

Gaming section includes play station games (i.e. Racing, sports). This includes information of the play stations. If the no. Of hours played exceeds 30hrs then the customer will be provided with the membership account. If the customer has the membership account he/she will get the discount on playing the games. They also provide tournament for the customers. This helps in generating ranking system as well as the eliminations.

Top Level DFD

Cafe Gaming System

This  is also used

  • Keeps the track of the transactions done in both cafe and gaming section.
  • Up-to-date Reports are generated.
  • Inventory details are maintained.
  • Membership details are maintained.
  • Account details are maintained.
  • Employee Payroll is maintained.
  • Reduces manual work and time consumption
  • Provides Data security
  • No Data loss and Misuse of data is avoided.

Languages to be used:

  • Front End: Visual (VB.NET)
  • Back End:  Microsoft SQL server (Structured  Query  Language)

Modules of Cafe Gaming System

The system CGS is used for maintaining the Gaming details, tournament details, Sales, billing and maintains an inventory for the Cafe.  

  • Gaming Details: This module consist of information of the games available in the gaming centre and the gamers i.e. the no. Of hours played, no of controllers used, games played frequently. If the number of hours played exceeds 30hours the gamers will be provided with a membership account.
  • Tournament details: This module consist of participant information and based on the gaming criteria it generates ranking system amongst the participants.
  • Sales:
    • Cafe sales: Company deals with selling of beverages and eatables to the Customers . Monthly Sales Details are maintained for Sales Reports.
    • 5.3.2.Gaming sales: For the games played by the customers monthly sales reports are generated.
  • Billing:
    • Cafe billing: Depending on the Sales, Bills are generated in the Cafe.
    • Gaming Billing: Depending on the sales ,Bills are generated in the gaming section.
  • Inventory: This module consists of an inventory that has the list of games and items available at the cafe.
  • Employee Payroll: This module generates employee payroll report.

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