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Web Chat Application Project Synopsis

Web Chat Application Project Synopsis

Here we shared Web Chat Application Project Synopsis. Chatting is now-a-days very useful to express our ideas as well as receive others ideas on any topic. Chats reflect the recent trends of the society. Sometimes, it is possible to meet eminent people in chatting and have their advice.

Corporate messenger is a graphical chatting application that makes chatting a pleasant experience. It has excellent features that make any user do what ever he wants while chatting.

Corporate messenger has two types of users: 1. Admin and 2. Client

Admin can do the following activities:

1. User Management: He makes some initial startup tasks while starting the chat server.

He can create new users and allow or disconnect the users. Admin can also close the chat session, so that all the users will be disconnected.

2. Administrative Client: Admin can also involve in chatting as a client from his admin console using this option.

3. ShutDown: He can shut down the chat server.

4. Log Charts: He can create log charts which contain information of how chatting has taken place.

Client can perform the following tasks:

1. Connect: He can connect him self to chat server by typing his username and password.

2. Chat: He can participate in chatting by entering into a chat room.

3. View this User Info: He can also his own profile and options.

4. Display activity of user: When chatting is done, whether the other user is sending text or images is also displayed on his console.

5. Room management: He can create his own chat rooms based on a subject and invite others to enter that room. He can also save the chat data separately.

6. Instant messages: It is possible to send instant messages and popups to other users who are in chatting.

7. Canvas management: Chat Space Instant Messanger is a graphical chatting application. It enables the clients to draw shapes and apply colors and save them. Client can also show or hide the canvas depending on his interest.

8. Copy & Paste: He can also perform operations like copying earlier text into chat text. It is also possible to copy pictures and save them in a file.

9. Chat Room control: He can manage the connection settings and control the chat room settings.

10. Play sound when paged.

11. Manual: In case any help needed, the client can go through the in-built manual available.

Programming Language:

  • Forms & Reports              : JFC Swing & AWT
  • Other Softwares              : JDK1.4

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