The main aim of the project is to provide utility to maintain day to day operations of apartments. This software help them to store all transactions electronically in a system, which in turn saves lot time, money and energy.

Download project source code

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Apartment Management System

Background : This project is developed for a reputed construction company in the city. This company built many apartments in this city and they have a plan to construct many other apartments in the city. Presently they maintain all records manually, to keep track of sales, receipts, installments, maintenance etc., The company is constructing many apartments every year, now it is very difficult to manage all the data manually, also if some information is required urgently then to obtain this is very difficult. To solve this problem now they are looking for better alternative solution.

Proposed System :  To manage all the transactions we proposed herewith a software solution which will take care all the necessary transactions. On implementation of this software it will help them in many ways. The present system will have the following modules.

  1. Apartment details
  2. Block Details
  3. Individual Apartment Details
  4. Apartment Owner Details
  5. Apartment Allotment Details
  6. Installment Receipts
  7. Monthly Maintenance expenses
  8. Monthly Maintenance bill generation
  9. Monthly Maintenance receipt
  10. Reports

Scope : This project will help the builder to manage day to day transactions very easily. By making it as a general project we can sell this project to many builders.

Hardware and Software requirement

Hardware Requirement

Processor                   :       Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more

RAM                          :       1 GB or More

Harddisk                    :       80GB or more

Monitor                      :       15” CRT, or LCD monitor

Keyboard                   :      Normalor Multimedia

Mouse                       :       Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       Visual Basic 2005 Express edition

With Sql Server Compact Edition

Microsoft SDK 2.0


Visual Basic 2008 Express edition

With Sql Server Compact Edition

Microsoft SDK 3.0

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 2  Or    Windows Vista

If you are looking for different backend please email the details. We will give this project in different backend with additional cost along with video how to change the backend, and how to use the project.

If you wish to write the whole project yourself, the option is open we can help you to design and write the project. We will make a video how to write the whole project and we will send to you, by watching that video you can able to write the project yourself. For more details please contact us.

We also undertake new projects, if you need a new project then please contact us.

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9 years ago

that,s a good effort

6 years ago

Can you provide the source code

Shiva Prasad
6 years ago
Reply to  ProjectAdmin

Please contact raksha infotech for contact information

Tankeswar Tairai
9 years ago

samsang wave y s5380

9 years ago

this project seems to be good . I like to take.

7 years ago

Hello! im just asking ! do i need to buy the source code for this system to get it ?? or is it open source ??