Dental Clinic Management System software

Dental Clinic Management System

Dental Clinic Management System is a Dental Clinic Management software promotes easy data entry and usage. It includes patient’s personal information, medical and dental history, treatment plan, patient education, case reports and statistics. This makes your dental practice more convenient, efficient and precise, thus promoting a paperless office.

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Cashew Industry Management System

This Cashew Industry Management System is developed for managing the industry’s daily production details, stock maintenance, salary details and employee details, managed by office workers and administrator. This software system allows administrator to control the entire system including database maintenance for adding a new employee, employee wage payment, supplier details. As well as this software keeps track of work done by each employee in each section & inventory maintenance.

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Attendance System

Attendance system

The objective of the Attendance System is to keep track of all the employees about their attendance so that the company can calculate their basic salary according to their attendance. This automated system will help in reducing the paper work by the user drastically. It keeps all the important information saved safely in the database which can be taken back up from time to time. The system is user friendly and easy to use easy to use. The efficiency is improved for everyone involved by the automated systems. Data storing is easier.  Read more about Attendance System

Matrimonial Agency Software SRS

Matrimonial Agency Software SRS

The project “Matrimonial System” is developed to find the match between bride/groom according to their age, religion or caste. The basic purpose of SRS is to describe the complete behaviour of the software proposed. It is like an agreement between client and the developer. Software system easily understands and solves any problem if the SRS is produced. The special and the extra importance are given to identify what is required from the system, not how the system will work and achieve its goal. The final goal is to produce a stable and a high quality SRS.

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Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases

Backup and Restore SQL Server Databases

Back Up and Restore of SQL Server DatabasesSometimes, developers need to Backup and Restore SQL Server Databases. The SQL Server backup and restore component which provides an essential safeguard for protecting your SQL Server databases. To minimize the risk of data loss, you need to back up your SQL databases. The following video tutorial explains you the backing up and restoration of your Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  The examples are from MS SQL Server 2008 however it applies to MS SQL Server 2000 and MS SQL Server 2005.

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Office Management System

Office Management System

The software Office Management Systems objective is to provide a system which manages the office activities using a computer within a fraction of seconds. The software stores all the important data’s like a manual file keeping system through a database. This automated system is user friendly and error free. Paper work and manual power can be reduced using this automated system. Read more about Office Management System

Cricket Statistics Software

Cricket statistics software

Cricket Statistics Software is the easy-to-use and user friendly cricket software for recording scores for cricket matches. In this we can add different Countries record, Cricket players’ record, Match details. This system generates Number of centuries report, Match report and player’s statistics report. This system is developed using VB.NET and SQL Server.

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Quiz application

Quiz application

Quiz applicationThe software Quiz application manages the activity of quiz conduction in a school or college or any institution or even as the first test for the recruiters. The system is user friendly and the user will find it easy to answer the question. The Admin/employee will not find any difficult in calculating the total marks scored by the student. The system will thus reduce paperwork and all the information will be stored safely in the database.

This project is helpful in saving the students details, calculating the marks scored by each student and for obtaining the names of the top students who will be selected for the next round.

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