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Idol Factory Management System

Idol Factory Management System

Idol Factory Management System web application which helps company to sell their ready idols through online and it allows them to take customized orders from clients through online. Employees can track inventory records, customer details, sales and purchase details, account details, product details and employee details. Using this website, management can track all the transaction and inventory records without visiting office.

This project is to develop a website for company called Fine Arts  situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. The Company specializes in creating custom made idols and selling worldwide. It makes building structure, fengshui idols, god idols using metal, plastic, rubber or fiberglass material. We made a website portal which contains e-commerce business and sales and inventory tracking features.

Scope of the solution

This website is capable of maintaining the records of inventory records, customer details, customer customized orders, quotation details, sales and purchase details, idol details, account details and employee details. Even this website generates billing receipt to their customers and it updates day to day details to the main branch of the company.

Languages used

  • Front End: PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Back End: MySQL Server
  • Scripting language: Javascript, AJAX
  • Design: HTML, CSS

Modules of Idol Factory Management System

  1. Customer account Module: This module allows customer to register through online. Customer can login to the website after the registration. This gives information about customers of the company and it includes customer name customer Id, customer address, login details and other Payment related details.
  • E-shop module: This module allows customer to purchase idols through online. Customer needs to select idols in the product section and they need to add the selected idols in the product cart. Customer has option to make payment through online.
  • E-Designer module: This module allows customer to design the idol stand, idols, structure according to his requirements and they can place order through online. The company is uploading different types of designer through online and based on that design customer can customize his order with E-Designer. Customer can view preview before ordering product
  • E-chat support: This module allows customer to communicate with support assistant. Customer can ask any queries through online. Chat support representative can answer all customer queries on real-time.
  • Customized order: If the customer needs any customization in the idols then they can share the ideas with any idol design and specifications. The sellers can view customers customized order request through online. The price will vary for each and every customization order which will be decided by administrator or employee. Seller can send the quotation for customized order. If customer accepts quotation then seller can deliver customized order products to the customer.
  • Billing Module: In the billing module administrator or employees can enter sales report by entering customer details, item details, etc. Only office employees can access this module. This module is useful to generate bill for visiting customers or offline customers. The system calculates tax amount and grand total automatically. The system generates sales receipt after clicking submit button.
  • Idols Module:  This contains information about company product which includes idol name,  Product  number, cost, and Description About the product.
  • Employee Module: This contains information about the Employees which includes  name, Date of Birth, Gender, Designation.
  • Report module: This module is for administrator where admin can view order details, sales details, etc. Admin can filter the records day wise, month wise, weekly and with customized date.

Download Source Code and Project Report

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