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Online Exam System in ASP.NET

Online Exam System in ASP.NET

Online Exam System in ASP.NET project used SQL server for backend. In this project, we are going to make an online exam system where an admin can take exam for the current student who are logged in this system. Here admin can insert update and delete the exam category, subject, exam, exam question. Each item, relate with each other. So if the admin delete the exam then the question under this exam will automatically delete.

Besides, admin can also see all the result in this system as well as specific student result and student list. He can add the admin, reset the password and so on. In student module student can easilt show the exam category, subject which automatically filter the exam under this and there is no need of authenticate. In order to give the he/she must be logged in. To login a user need name, mail and password to register. If the register email is already use he/she can use it. By login a user can see his result as well as marks and given exam name, date and so on. This application is fully responsive.

A computerized model for conducting tests called Online Examination system is developed for Schools & Colleges to facilitate in conducting online tests. This System helps the User to log into the application whenever he desires and evaluates the results immediately. This Final Year Engineering Project is developed in ASP.Net. The application is very flexible and user friendly. There is no need to monitor while a person is taking the exam. All the instructions are displayed to the user before he takes the test.

Modules of Online Exam System

  • Candidate module: The candidate will logon to the software and take his examination.
  • Examiner module: The database is prepared & loaded into the software.
  • Administrator module: The administrator collects all the results after successful completion of the examination and sends to the head quarters as and when required.

Download Online Exam System in ASP.NET

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