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Hostel Management System Using Oracle

This is another project of Hostel Management System Using Oracle database. In the earlier post we have published same project using Microsoft access database. But this project has some other modules and specially all the data in this project stores in Oracle database. Storing data in Oracle database is very secure. This is fully computerized of all the routine process of hostel as student admission, staff management, student records management, Fee Collection, Room check in and check out process, Monthly and weekly Expense calculation and other routing processes.

Hostel Management System Using Oracle

Hostel Management System Using Oracle

This system that manages the student record, staff record, admission process and create receipt for fees paid by the student who stay in the hostel and it maintains visitor or guests record.

This project developed by the students of A.M.College Of Science, Management & Computer Technology, Gujarat.

The front end of this project is Visual basic 6.0 and backend of this project is Oracle 8i.

Features of the proposed system:

  • It maintains the complete database for student details, staff details, fees and billing records, multiple Hostels, Room check-in and checkout, etc.
  • Removal of Data Redundancy and Data Consistency.
  • Leave messages and keep note.
  • graphical menu driven interface.
  • Ensure data security because its hosted in Oracle database.

Project modules:

  • Login module – administrator or warden can login by entering login id and password.
  • Main panel module – It has menu driven interface
  • User module – Add User, Change Password
  • Master module – Registration module to register new students, Fees module
  • Status module – Check room status
  • Details module – Add Employee, Visitor records
  • Check module – Check in and Check out feature
  • Display Message – Leave Message, Display Message
  • Reports module – Student Report module, Visitor Detail module, Employee Report

You can download the complete source code, database details, and project abstract of Hostel Management System from the download links in the post. Kindly contact us at

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