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Post Office Management System VB Project

Post Office Management System VB Project

Post Office Management System VB Project – The proposed system is for making easier to manage subscriber details, post details, money order details, bills. So this will be developed for helping the post office administrative the above things. The overall system is control through the main menu. The system may be further updated or modified at will owing to its simple structure. If the organization willing the add a new module that would allow the vendor to the post office system. More over the developed system does not provide any kind of facility for making of the information.


  • GUI                                   :     VISUAL BASIC 6.0
  • BACK END                      :      MS – ACCESS

Modules Post Office Management System

  • SALES DETAILS:- This form contains the various types of postcards, stamps which are to sold.
  • Postcards:- The various types of postcards are like envelop, competition postcard, printed cards, etc are their amount.
  • Stamps:- The different stamp cost of 1 to 50 are sold. 
  • Register post:- the register form contains the postage where to be delivered it contains.
    • Sender address
    • Receiver address
    • Acknowledgement
    • Weigtage
    • Commission
  • Speed post:- As form of register posts the same will be in the speed post also. The extra amount will be taken for urgently.
  • Money order:- money order form contains details of person to whom money is to be sending, and the sender address.
  • Money savings:-  the savings form we have the details on various types of                                                                        savings like short term  or long term.


The present system of Postal service does not contain the courier transactions and maintain the details of all other transactions such as maintaining money order details speed post transactions register post transaction saving and recurring bank transactions all these are carried out manually. This postal system is made into atomization in order to render services more quickly and efficiently to the people.

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