This Social Networking Site For College students. In this document we shared Database Design of College Social Networking. The purpose of preparing this document is to explain complete database design details of our College Social Networking project. This document covers Table design and ER diagram of the project. Table schema diagram and other documents you can download in download link.

Database Design of College Social Networking is organized with 16 tables: 

  • course
  • subject
  • user
  • student
  • notice
  • chat
  • group_chat
  • chat_message
  • timeline
  • timeline_comments
  • quiz
  • question
  • quiz_result
  • study_material
  • discussion
  • discussion_reply

Table Design of College Social Networking

Table name: student

The student table stores student records.

student_idint(10)Primary keyStudent ID
student_namevarchar(25)NullStudent name
roll_novarchar(20)UniqueStudent Roll Number
Passwordvarchar(100)NullStudent password
student_imgvarchar(100)NullStudent profile image
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID
about_studentTextNullAbout student
email_idvarchar(25)NullEmail ID
mob_novarchar(15)NullMobile Number
statusvarchar(10)NullStudent status

Table name: subject

The subject is the master table  which stores subject details

subject_idint(10)Primary keySubject ID
subjectvarchar(40)NullSubject name
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID
noteTextNullSubject note
statusvarchar(10)NullSubject status

Table name: user

The user table stores administrator and staff information

user_idint(10)Primary keyUser ID
user_typevarchar(25)NullUser type
user_imgTextNullUser Image
login_idvarchar(25)UniqueLogin ID

Table name: course

The course table is the master table which stores course records

course_idint(10)Primary keyCourse ID
coursevarchar(25)NullCourse title
course_descriptiontextNullCourse description
statusvarchar(10)NullCourse status – Active or Inactive

 Table name: timeline

The timeline table stores published wallpost contents.

timeline_idint(10)Primary keyTimeline ID
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
post_typevarchar(20)NullPost type – Photo, video or Text
text_messageTextNullText message
image_pathTextNullImage page
video_pathTextNullVideo path
date_timeDatetimeNullPublished date and time

Table name: timeline_comments

The timeline comments table stores comment which is published for wallpost.

timeline_comment_idint(10)Primary keyTimeline comment ID
comment_typevarchar(15)NullTimeline comment type
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
timeline_idint(10)Foreign keyTimeline ID
messageTextNullComment message
date_timeDatetimeNullComment date and time

Table name: chat

The chat table stores chat records

chat_idint(10)Primary keyChat ID
student_id1int(10)Foreign keyChat message sender ID
student_id2int(10)Foreign keyChat message receiver ID

Table name: chat_message

The chat message table stores chat messages.

chat_message_idint(10)Primary keyChat message ID
chat_idint(10)Foreign keyChat ID
group_chat_idint(10)Foreign keyGroup chat ID
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
date_timeDatetimeNullMessage received date and time
messageTextNulltext message
message_statusvarchar(10)NullChat message status

Table name: group_chat

The group_chat is the table which contains group chat messages.

group_chat_idint(10)Primary keyGroup chat ID
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID

Table name: discussion

The discussion table stores discussion details.

discussion_idint(10)Primary keyDiscussion ID
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID
subject_idint(10)Foreign keySubject ID
discussion_titlevarchar(100)NullDiscussion title
discussion_descriptionTextNullDiscussion description
date_timeDatetimeNullDate time
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
statusvarchar(10)NullDiscussion status

Table name: discussion_reply

The discussion reply stores discussion reply records

discussion_reply_idint(10)Primary keyDiscussion reply ID
discussion_idint(10)Foreign keyDiscussion ID
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
user_idint(10)Foreign keyUser ID
messageTextNullDiscussion reply Message
uploadsvarchar(100)NullUploaded documents
date_timeDatetimeNullDiscussion reply date and time

Table name: notice

The notice table stores published events, news and meeting records.

notice_idint(10)Primary keyNotice ID
notice_typevarchar(25)NullNotice type
user_idint(10)Foreign keyUser ID
titlevarchar(100)NullNotice title or heading
descriptionTextNullNotice content
uploadsTextNullNotice uploading files.
date_timeDatetimeNullNotice date and time
statusvarchar(10)NullNotice status

Table name: quiz

The quiz table stores the detailed information of quiz

quiz_idint(10)Primary keyQuiz ID
user_idint(10)Foreign keyUser ID
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID
subject_idint(10)Foreign keySubject ID
titlevarchar(100)NullQuiz title
descriptionTextNullQuiz detailed information

Table name: question

The question table stores quiz question, options and answers

quiz_question_idint(10)Primary keyQuiz question ID
quiz_idint(10)Foreign keyQuiz ID
questionTextNullQuiz question
option1TextNullOption 1
option2TextNullOption 2
option3TextNullOption 3
option4TextNullOption 4
correct_ansvarchar(10)NullCorrect answer
statusvarchar(10)NullQuestion status

Table name: quiz_result

The quiz result stores published quiz result.

quiz_result_idint(10)Primary keyQuiz result ID
quiz_idint(10)Foreign keyQuiz ID
student_idint(10)Foreign keyStudent ID
quiz_question_idint(10)Foreign keyQuiz question ID
selected_optionvarchar(10)Foreign keyAnswer ID
correct_ansvarchar(10)NullCorrect answer
date_timeDatetimeNullAttended Date time

Table name: study_material

The study_material table stores uploaded study materials.

study_material_idint(10)Primary keyStudy material ID
course_idint(10)Foreign keyCourse ID
subject_idint(10)Foreign keySubject ID
titlevarchar(100)NullStudy material title
user_idint(10)Foreign keyUploaded faculty id
descriptionTextNullStudy material descripton
uploadsTextNullDocuments uploaded
date_timeDatetimeNullPublished date and time

ER diagram of College Social Networking

Database Design of College Social Networking
Database Design of College Social Networking

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