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Database Name: Supermarket Table Name: account Column NameData TypeLengthAcid (Primary Key)Bigint (Auto increment)10FnameVarchar50LnameVarchar50AddressVarchar250PassVarchar50TypeVarchar50ContnoVarchar20 Table Name: customer Column NameData TypeLengthcustid (Primary Key)Bigint (Auto increment)10NameVarchar50AddressVarchar250PincodeVarchar50ContactnpVarchar50EmailVarchar50 Table Name: itemmaster Column ...

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The project Electronic Ticket Machine is completed, satisfying the required design specifications. The system provides a user-friendly interface. The software is developed with modular approach. All modules in the system have been tested with valid data and invalid data and everything work successfully. Thus the system has fulfilled ...

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