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Post office management system Project documentation

Post office management system Project documentation

Here we shared Post office management system Project documentation. The project Post office management system is created in 4GL GUI based system so that it is easy to handle. It also increases the efficiency of the end user, because it will reduce the reluctant jobs, which are tedious to complete. The Post office management system also has automated capability to complete job, it automatically generates the reports, so it reduces the work manually.

Post office management system Project documentation


  1. This system will improve the performance of the company.
  1. It reduces the tedious jobs like reluctant work, long procedures, automated report generation, up to date information.
  1. It will improve the Post Office Management, since all the information is available whenever required.
  1. It provides quick processing thus helps in transaction and updating in master records can be performed in few records.
  1. It allows easy generation of all types of reports.
  1. It provides accurate output.
  1. It gives fast answer of queries.
  1. The amount of paper is reduced.
  1. Better security

    10. Economical.

    11. Better Control.


To make the application smoothly and can be used to its optimum level following Hardware and Software requirements are required:

  • 128 MB of RAM
  • PENTIUM III processor or equivalent or higher versions.
  • At least 5GB of Hard disk.
  • Java Run Time Environment(JRE) – jdk1.5 (As Front End Tool)
  • SQL server (As Back End Tool


The computer program “POST OFFICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been designed basically for the government departments, private companies and other institutions.

By entering the required data one can easily generate the information about the customer and all the old records as well as other services provided through the system. As provided in the introduction we can do many required works on it but it is not based on a particular post office management system as common idea is taken into consideration while preparing this project so to implement it to any post office it may require some modifications as per the requirements.

Still surely it will be provided as a great help to any post office system and will automate his/her work completely motivating them to work more efficiently.

Download Post office management system Project documentation

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