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Online Job Site Script

An online job site script is a type of software that allows you to create and run a job search website. Online job site scripts can be customized and extended with additional features and functionality as needed. They can be a useful tool for building a professional job search website that meets the needs of both job seekers and employers.

These scripts often include features such as:

  • A database of job listings that can be searched and filtered by users
  • A system for employers to post job openings and manage applications
  • A system for job seekers to create profiles, upload resumes, and apply for jobs
  • Tools for users to save and track their job searches
  • Integration with social media and other external job boards
  • Analytics and reporting tools to track website usage and user activity
  • Online Job Site developed using ASP and Microsoft Access Driver 2003.
  • In this site jobseeker searches jobs, and recruiter recruits for candidates.
  • Front End is ASP (Active Server Pages) and Back end is Microsoft Access Driver(MDB).
  • It has 7 tables that is candidate, CV, Job, Employer, ReportBug, password, Feedback.

Database schema for Online Job Site Script

Online Job Site Script

Here is a Working process for an online job site script:

  1. A job seeker visits the website and creates a profile
  2. The job seeker searches for jobs using various filters and criteria
  3. The system displays a list of matching job openings
  4. The job seeker views the details of a specific job opening and decides to apply
  5. The job seeker submits an application through the website, including their resume and any other required materials
  6. The application is sent to the employer for review
  7. The employer reviews the application and decides whether to contact the job seeker for an interview
  8. If the employer is interested in the job seeker, they schedule an interview
  9. If the job seeker is hired, the employer updates their job posting to reflect the filled position

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