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Sports Equipment Showroom Management System

The main objective of Sports Equipment Showroom Management System project is to develop a system for the Sports Equipment Sales showroom which maintains the purchasing, sales, stocks and reports. This project allows sports and games equipment showroom to sell various sports equipment products. The main purpose for creating this application is to automate all management and works of the Sports Equipment Showroom. This application allows to store the details of purchasing, sales, stock details and others. This Sports equipment includes sports items like Cricket clothing and equipment, Football, Basketball, shoes, nets, wickets and others.

This application will reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of purchasing, sales and stocks. This application allows you to search a number of items available in stocks and also generates sales and purchasing reports. There is no need of internet connection since it will be a offline project.

Customer, Sports materials, Billing Generation: Automate the current manual bill generation system and maintain the searchable customer, products database and product invoice.

Report Generation: A Report Generation system will be developed for the user and management of Invoicing System. This system will have both details and summary type reports for analysis the sales volume, sales trend and other records.

Software Requirements:

  • Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Basic.Net) 2012
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Server 2012

Modules of Sports Equipment Showroom Management System

  • Sports Equipment:  When a new sports equiment product is selling by the company, it can be easily added to the present list of product. Also the product name can be edited if necessary.  Along with this any outdated product can easily be deleted which seems no profit. The rates of the dealer’s product differ completely from the customer’s product.
  • Order: As soon as the customer orders are confirmed, a bill can be generated including the item details and price.
  • Sales Report: Here the user can look through the sales by the customer for a particular day or for certain duration.
  • Purchase Report: Here the user can see the purchase done from different Suppliers for a particular day or for certain duration.
  • Stock Module: This module is used to keep track of the Stocks of sports equipment’s along with their quantities. Here the items will be categorized according to the sports type, product type.
  • Logout Module: This module allows the user to Logout the application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits.

Software user types:

  • Administrator:  The administrator of the company is allowed to access all the services in the system. The username and password for the end user is given by the administrator.
  • Staff: The user is allowed to access the limited features given by the administrator like ordering, billing etc.

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Download link contains:

  • Complete source code with sample database
  • Complete Project documentation (ieee format)

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