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Mobile Store Management System

Mobile Store Management System

The Mobile Store Management System is one can go into almost required solution regarding the Mobile store. This software package provides guidance for all the mobile shop purpose, as a perfect guide, the current demand for such software became needful.

Project Name : Mobile Store Management System / Mobile Shop Management System. This project developed using ASP.NET/sql server

Mobile Store Management System

Description :

This project will provide for computerization of a small enterprise whose main goal is to keep track on their inventory and billing process and wants to change from paper based transaction to computerized transaction.

The mobile store management will make storing of the stock records, employee records, purchase information, and customer information a lot easier. The supplier and sales information in the database will automatically generate bills when the customer buys the mobile. The bill history can be retrieved promptly. And reports will be generated based on different criteria’s.

The product could be implemented in an average sized organization, which will not be very keen on spending loads of money on ledgers. Whereas our product will greatly reduce the running by using common and cheap office items like database and desktop application. And also there is no requirement to store books or accounts. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.

We are creating the application for Techno pulse company.

·         System Title: Mobile store management.

·         System category: RDBMS(Relational Database Management System)

A short definition of an RDBMS may be a DBMS in which data is stored in the form of tables and the relationship among the data is also stored in the form of tables.

·         Operational Status: Under Development status.

·         Undergoing Major Modification: Data will be stored in the database after the development.

In this project Java has been used as the Front-End tool and MS Access has been used as the back-End tool.

The following are the Scope and area covered:

·         It can be applied to large databases with more information.

·         To enables the software to work in a multi-user environment.

·         To enable the software to develop the profit and loss accounts of the firm.

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