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Advanced Job Portal

Advanced Job Portal

An advanced job portal is a web-based application that allows job seekers to search for job opportunities and apply for jobs online, and allows employers to post job listings and search for potential candidates. It contains additional and advanced features compared to a basic job portal.

Advanced Job Portal contains following features:

✅ Administrator
✅ Job Seeker
✅ Job Provider
✅ Job Search
✅ Video Resume
✅ Video Conferencing
✅ Home Page
✅ Additional Search
✅ Tool Section
✅ Registration
✅ Social Media
✅ Role Management
✅ Employee Management
✅ Aptitude Test
✅ Video Interview

Some of the advanced features that an advanced job portal may include are:

  1. Advanced Search and Filtering: Allows job seekers to search for job listings based on various criteria, such as location, job title, salary range, and industry.
  2. Resume Builder: Allows job seekers to create and edit their resumes online and apply for jobs with their resumes.
  3. Video Interview: Allows employers to conduct video interviews with job seekers, which can save time and money on in-person interviews.
  4. AI-based matchmaking: Allows the system to match job seekers with job listings based on their skills, qualifications, and experience using AI algorithms.
  5. Salary Comparison: Allows job seekers to compare salaries of different job listings and make informed decisions.
  6. Social Media Integration: Allows job seekers to apply for jobs using their social media profiles and allows employers to search for potential candidates based on their social media profiles.
  7. Chatbot: Allows job seekers and employers to communicate with a chatbot, which can provide answers to common questions and help with tasks such as scheduling interviews.
  8. Analytics: Allows employers to track job listing views, application data and other metrics.
  9. Mobile app: Allows job seekers and employers to access the job portal from their mobile devices.
  10. Security and Compliance: Enforces various security measures and adheres to regulatory compliance.
  11. Multi-language support: Allows job seekers and employers to access the job portal in their preferred language.

All of these advanced features can make the job search process more efficient and effective for both job seekers and employers.

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