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Employee Management System

Employee Management System project developed using VB.NET. Employees are the backbone of any company, their management pays a major role in deciding the success of the organization. Employee Management Software makes easy for the employer to keep a track all the records. This Project contains Employee payroll and Salary features, which is developed Using and SQL Server.

Employee Management System

In this project administrator can add employee records, designation, task status, announcements, project details and client details. Employees can request for leave, work report, task details, etc. The system checks performance analysis of the employees. Administrator can post announcements, Holidays, birthdays and notes.

Project Title: Employee Management System

Project Modules:

This software system has 7 modules. Administrator has full permission to access this software and employee has limited features.

  1. Company master module
  2. Employee module
  3. Leave module
  4. Loan module
  5. Salary module
  6. Reports module
  7. Help module
  8. Exit module

Database Tables :

The Employee Management System has 12 tables. The database name is empdb.

  1. branch table
  2. company table
  3. department table
  4. designation table
  5. emp_leave_availed table
  6. emp_leave_details table
  7. emp_personal table
  8. grade table
  9. loan_availed table
  10. loan_master table
  11. salary_details table
  12. salary_master table

Download Project Source Code

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Comments ( 52 )

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  4. is not in c#. its in Vb…!! so where is c# project?

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    Front end: VB 6.0
    Back end: Microsoft Access and the synopsis of this project

  6. How do we install and use this project? need help to download, install and start using it, is it possible?

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  10. Can you post the project another “Employee Management system

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  14. Please i downloaded one project (employee payroll and leave management) and it did not come with its database so it generates errors when i run. Please can you help me out. Especially the mdi form does not open at all.

  15. how can idownload this project?

  16. plz tell me

  17. Now, Every business is looking for an advanced payroll system in order to track their employee personal data and other office activities like over shift, leave, attendance and ESS etc.

    Employee management system is the best choice to manage employee and grow business.

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    my mail id

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