Online Mobile Showroom

Online Mobile Showroom is the shopping website where user can sell mobile phone and its accessories through online. This project which maintains the records related to purchase, sales, returns, stock updating, billing report, etc. This project is developed by BCA students in ASP.NET and all the record stores in SQL database.

Download source code:


Project modules and features:

Registration module: This stores the customers of the mobile showroom website. The registration details stores in this module. This module stores complete customer profile details.

Login module: The mobile showroom customers can login to this website by entering login id and password. The login credentials valid then system redirects to the account page. Customers can change the password after the login.

Search module: If the products are not in the list, then the customers can search products by entering product title in the search box.

Feedback module: The customers can post feedbacks in the feedback page. The administrator can view feedbacks published by the customers.

Category module: The category module stores different category details. After adding category user can add item details.

Item module: All the item details can be stored in this module. Only administrator can add item details by entering item name, product specification, cost, expiry date, etc. And customer can view the items in shopping webiste.

Accessories module: The accessories module which stores different parts and accessories details of the mobile.

Cart module: The cart module selected item details in the cart. Customer can purchase cart items by making online payment.

Billing module: The billing module which generates and prints billing report to the customer. The bill will be calculated automatically.

Report module: Administrator can view all purchase reports and customer can view only his purchase details in this module.

Users module: In the users module all it stores all user details with administrator and employees. Admin has full authority of the software.

Company profile module: The company profile module which stores the details of the company with logo, company name, address, contact details, etc. The company details will appear in contact page.

Online Mobile Showroom

Software languages:

Front end: ASP.NET

Back End : SQL Server


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