Password based Remote door system

House robbery is one of the common things in most of the cities. Unknown people just enter the houses without any permission by breaking the door lock or by some other means. It happens only when the security is not provided for the house doors that we live in. So house owners need not worry about the security of the house if the Android Password Based remote Door Open system is implemented. This application will help the house owners to unlock the door only after entering the unique password that the house owner has saved. Only then the door gets unlocked and then only any known or unknown person can enter the house.

Password based Remote door system

Project title: Password based Remote door system

We do not like unknown person or strangers to enter our house. But if there is no security provided for the house by the owners then no one can stop them from entering the house. Even if the security guard is outside the house, these people will enter the house by breaking the lock without the notice of the security guard. The best way to provide security to the houses and offices is to have a door system which will be controlled based on the password that you enter through your Android phone. The password entered should be unique. One need not come to open and close the door since the locking and unlocking can be managed through the Android device having the Android password based Remote Door Open System. The door will open only when the proper security password is entered. This android application will make the life of the house owners easier. Android Password based remote door open system will be a boon to the house owners and bane to the robbers who plan to rob or steal the valuable things. This will also result in the reduction of robbery crimes. This will also in turn protect the people inside the house.

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