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24X7 Online Clinic

24X7 Online Clinic

24X7 Online Clinic is a platform that allows patients to schedule appointments with healthcare providers over the internet. It is often used by doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to manage their schedules and book appointments with patients. An online clinic booking system may include features such as the ability to view available appointment times, schedule appointments and many more. An online clinic booking system can help to streamline the appointment scheduling process, making it more convenient for patients to schedule appointments and reducing the workload for healthcare providers.

Clinic is a place where the doctors treat their patients for the disease that they are suffering from. Some clinics will be having only one doctor or sometimes more than one. There are things like storing of patients details, medicines available, appointments etc which needs to be mentioned. The 24*7 online clinic system is an application that will help the doctors, physicians or nurses of the health care organization to track the medical information of the patients and data analysis can be done by the doctors. This application will help in reducing a huge amount of work load for the clinics. This will help in smooth running of the management and administration.

Online Clinic is a clinic management system, which is very easy to use and meets the versatile requirements of a modern clinic setup. The application is very easy to use for ever-busy doctors and clinical staff. This project supports through the complete cycle of patient Appointment Booking > Doctor Consultation > Prescription Management > Medical Procedure > Billing and Appointment for follow Ups.

Programming Language

  • Developed using PHP and MySQL

Video Demo of 24X7 Online Clinic

General FeaturesWeb based application
Access from anywhere & anytime
Ready to integrate with SMS API
Manage patient history
Manage staff details
Manage invoice
Report generation
AdminSetup Account
Setup Doctor & Staff
Report – billing, patient visits
Report of patient
StaffManage appointment
Manage billing
DoctorView patient history
Manage patient report
Manage prescription
Many others featuresManage billing
View prescription written by doctor
Online Appointment,
Online Registration & Login

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