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Cold Storage Management System

Cold Storage Management System

Suppose if farmer need to store any fresh fruit and vegetables for some period, then keeping them in cold storage with right temperature will reduce the risk of damage. Cold storage keeps farmers products at a set temperature where farmers can keep them fresh and makes them last longer. Cold Storage Management System is tailor made special setup for Cold Storage Ware housing industries for farmers. This project provides complete computerization system.

Video Demonstration

Programming Language:

  • Design: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Script: Javascript, Jquery

How the System works?

  • First admin adds available cold storage slots for each and every city.
  • Then farmer registers to the website.
  • Farmer needs to login to the website.
  • Farmer can select cold storage room and he can view the details of cold storage before booking. Farmer can book cold storage.
  • Admin verifies booking. He can approve or reject bookings.

Project modules of Cold Storage Management System

  • Booking Panel
    • Cold storage Booking Panel
    • View Cold Storage Booking
    • Approve Cold Storage Booking
    • Reject Cold Storage Booking
  • Admin Account Module
    • Admin Login Module
    • Add Admin
    • View Admin
  • Farmer account Module
    • Farmer Login Module
    • Farmer Registration Module
    • Farmer Profile
    • Change password
  • Cold Storage Module
    • Add Cold Storage
    • View Cold Storage

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with sample database

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