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Android based Movie Ticket Booking System

People having the craze of movies will surely love this Android based Movie Ticket Booking System. In the present situation most of our work can be done online through the internet. This results in the saviour of time, money and so on. Nowadays people do not have time to speak to the near and dear ones. When asked for reason it will be “no time”, the most common answer that we get. Suddenly people decide to go for a movie without any plan. No need to worry. Just go online and book a movie ticket! At that time this movie ticket booking system application comes into picture.

Android based Movie Ticket Booking System

As the name suggests, this project deals with the booking a movie ticket for a particular movie of your choice. The Movie ticket booking system must contain the movies that are running in the particular theaters, the seat availability, cost of the movie ticket etc. It should also give information about the upcoming movies and the schedules. When there was no Android apps for booking a movie ticket online, people had to wait in long queues for getting a ticket. Now the time has changed. Everything is available online. Many online Movie ticket booking applications are available. The list of movies that are present in particular theaters must be listed in the movie ticket booking application. Everyone wants to book a movie ticket online in a smarter way using these Android apps and want to get a relaxation from waiting for tickets in the long queues. This project also reduces the manual work since most of the work is done online. You can add many attractive features for your movie ticket booking system Android project. You can include following features in your Movie ticket booking system android project:

  • Movie description
  • Movie prices
  • Seat availability
  • Movie ratings
  • Movie schedule

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