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Campus Social Network

The Campus Social Network is the social networking project for college. This project is neatly designed with latest technology. This project has three types of users: i.e; student, faculty and administrator. Students can share feeds, photos, and videos in the Wallpost. Wallpost contains post of the friends and others. Students can communicate with classmates and other students in chat box or Group chat. Students can view study materials of each subject and they can discuss about any topics. Students can participate for quiz programs. This project is developed using PHP and MySQL and complete video explained about this project.

New Student account needs to register to the system. After the registration staff verifies student account. Once the successful verification student can login to the system.

Faculties can publish study materials for each subject. Faculty can upload quiz questions with fours options and correct answer. Faculties can send reply to students queries.

Admin can monitor entire activities of the website. Admin is the main user of the system and he can view all kinds of reports. Admin can add faculty records, course details, subject details and other settings. Admin can post or publish meeting schedule, events, articles in the notice board.

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