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College Social Network

College Social Network

This Social networking script developed for College students developed using PHP and MySQL. The aim of College Social Network site is to provide a single platform for students and the staffs to interact with each other, such as discussing their queries, uploading and viewing the study materials, chatting with each other, attending the quiz provided by the staff members, uploading their messages, images and videos in their timeline, viewing the notice published by the staff members. The admin of the site takes care of the activities such as adding and removing of courses, subjects, students and staff members and publishing notices.

College Social Network
Screenshot of the project

The main scopes of the projects are:

  • The faculties can upload study materials through online. The students can view uploaded study materials by faculties.
  • The faculties can send assignment request and the students can upload assignments.
  • In the question answer section, the students can post any queries to faculties and faculties can post answers.
  • The administrator or faculty can publish time table and result.
  • Admin has full authority of the website to manage students, discussion forum, faculties, quiz question answers, chat features, course, time table and result system.

User interfaces

There are three types of users in this system. They are:

  • Administrator: The administrators are the main users with full authority who handles complete website information.
  • Faculty: Faculties are the users who monitors students, uploads quiz questions, study materials, and publish result.
  • Student: Students are the registered users. They can view study materials, quiz questions, results and communicate with each other etc.

Software Requirements:

  • Software: XAMPP 1.8.2
  • Scripting Server: Apache server
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MYSQL server
  • IDE: Notepad++

Modules of College Social Network Project

  • Dashboard module: This dashboard module is for administrator where admin can manage complete control of the website. Admin is the super user of the website.
  • Settings module: In the settings module the administrator can add or delete department details, course details, subject details, etc.
  • Faculty control panel: The administrator has option to add new faculty records. The system will send login details to the faculties. The faculties can publish quiz questions, study materials, timetable, syllabus and result.
  • Student Account panel: The students can login to the website by entering login id and password. The administrator approves new student profile details. The student can update their profile after the login.
  • Discussion module: In this module students can send questions in the discussion panel. The faculties can answer to all students’ questions. All the question and answer records stores in the discussion panel. All students can view discussion panel records.
  • Study materials module: In this module the faculties can upload notes and documents by entering book details. This helps students to refer for exam, studies, etc.
  • Individual Chat and Group chat module: This allows users to chat with their friend circles. Users can send invitation to their friends to join the chat system.  The user can create chat room in the group chat.
  • Quiz module: This module provides a common platform to connect students and faculties online. The faculty can create Quiz and student can take up quiz. The quiz result and point system will display in the student account panel.
  • Result module: The faculties can publish students’ exam results in this module, where student can view their result by entering their roll number and password.

Data Flow Diagram:

Video Demonstration

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  • Complete Source code with sample database
  • Complete Project documentations

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