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Online Handicrafts Store

Online Handicrafts Store

The Online Handicrafts Store project is a comprehensive website application that aims to provide a seamless platform for artisans and crafters to showcase and sell their unique handmade products to a global audience. The project encompasses the development of a user-friendly website with advanced features, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers and empowering artisans to grow their businesses online.

The website application offers a wide range of handicraft products, including home decor, jewelry, fashion accessories, and more, sourced directly from talented artisans around the world. It enables customers to browse through an extensive catalog, explore various categories, and discover one-of-a-kind items that reflect the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of different regions.

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Programming Language:

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Project Category: RDBMS

Modules of Online Handicrafts Store:

  1. Login Module: The login module allows users (customers, artists, workers, and admin) to access the system by entering their login ID and password. Once authenticated, users are directed to the main account page, where they can access their respective functionalities and perform tasks specific to their roles.
  2. Customer Account Module: In the customer account module, customers have the ability to register on the website by providing their profile details. After registration, customers can browse and purchase products uploaded by the administrator. Additionally, customers can send purchase requests for specific handicraft products uploaded by artists. They can review product details, conduct quality tests, and approve or reject purchase requests based on their preferences and requirements.
  3. Seller Account Module: The seller account module is designed for artists who can sell their handicraft productions online. The system displays the handicraft products uploaded by artists on the main page of the website, providing a platform for them to showcase and sell their creations to a global customer base.
  4. Worker Account Module: The worker account module is intended for laborers or workers who can register on the website by entering their profile and experience details. Artists can utilize this module to hire handicraft laborers for various tasks related to their craft, allowing for efficient collaboration between artists and workers.
  5. Dashboard Module: The dashboard module serves as a central hub for the admin and employees. Administrators have complete control and settings of the website within the dashboard module. Employees can manage various records and perform administrative tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the online handicrafts store.
  6. Article Module: The article module enables employees or admin to post news and blogs related to handicrafts. This module is particularly helpful for artists as they can browse and view articles to gain insights, inspiration, and valuable information related to their craft.
  7. Category Module: The category module allows the administrator to create and manage different types of categories. The system includes three main categories: Art Produce, Artists’ Equipment & Tools, and Article Types. Categorizing products and articles helps in organizing and presenting relevant content to users.
  8. Location Module: The location module serves as a master page where the admin can add country, state, and city information. This module helps in managing and organizing location-related data within the system, ensuring accurate and efficient filtering or searching based on geographical criteria.
  9. Products Module: The products module encompasses the selling of two types of products. Admin or employees can directly sell products through the system. Additionally, artists have the option to sell their handmade productions online through the platform, contributing to the diverse range of products available for customers to purchase.
  10. Billing Report: The billing report module generates detailed billing reports after a purchase is made. The system automatically calculates the total cost, and the billing report includes customer contact details, billing information, and a breakdown of the purchased products. This module ensures accurate record-keeping and provides a comprehensive overview of transactions for both the customer and the admin.

Users of the System:

In the proposed system, there are four distinct types of users, each with their specific roles and privileges:

  • Administrators: Administrators have the highest level of authority within the system. They are responsible for managing and overseeing the entire website. Administrators can add or administer product categories, update website information, and have full control over the system’s functionalities. They play a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of the online handicrafts store.
  • Artists: Artists are the creative individuals who craft and produce the unique handmade products available on the website. They can register on the platform and create their accounts. Once registered, artists can log in to the system using their login credentials. Artists have the ability to showcase their products, set prices, and manage their inventory. They play a vital role in contributing to the diverse range of handicrafts available for sale.
  • Customers: Customers are the users who visit the online handicrafts store with the intention of purchasing products. They can explore the website, browse through various categories, and select items they are interested in. Customers have the option to add products to their shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and make online payments for their purchases. They can also send purchase requests to inquire about product details or check the quality of the products before making a final decision.
  • Workers: Workers in the system are responsible for assisting the artists in completing various tasks related to their craft. Artists can send work requests to workers, who can then accept or reject these requests based on their availability and interest. Workers play a crucial role in supporting artists by providing them with the necessary assistance in creating and fulfilling orders. Their involvement helps artists manage their workload effectively.

Download Source code and Project Documentation:

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(Download link contains Source Code with Sample Database and 100+ pages Project Documentation)

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