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Employee Association System

Employee Association System

This Employee Association System is developed for bank employees. In smaller businesses, if employees have any problems they can talk directly to their manager. However, in larger businesses that employs many people, it becomes extremely hard to do so. It is also hard for the management to make decisions when they have about 1000 employees. Employee Association System project saves the managements lot of time because they do not have to see individual employees to discuss problems.

This project we develop for 24X7 bank and it provides several benefits for 24X7 bank employees association. The benefits of this system is:

  • Track employee records, salary details, experience and service details
  • Association can provide training for employees improve the knowledge.
  • Employee performance evaluations.
  • Discussion forum –Discuss with employees and management
  • Association can post latest News and announcements

Project Title: Employee Association System

Project category:

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) + Web portal


  • The Subscription amount module has virtual payment gateway and its not working like real-time payment gateway.
  • Computer knowledge is required.
  • Internet connection is required.

Future scope and further enhancement of the project:

  • In future we can add Web conference system feature.
  • In future we can add HRMS module in this project.


Developing and implementing the perfect Employee association system for bank is important. So we are developing user friendly web portal with PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL database.

Table used in the database are as follows:

The name of the database is “employee_association”.

  • employee
  • subscription
  • branch
  • designation
  • discussion
  • mail
  • news
  • subscription_tariff
  • discussion_reply
  • training_material
Table Name               Primary key              Foreign key
Employeeemployee_idbranch_id, designation_id

Video Demonstration:

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with sample database
  • Complete Project Report

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