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Online Career Guidance and Placement System

Online Career Guidance and Placement System is a web-based and central recruitment Process system for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system are vacancies, storing application data, and Interview process initiation, Scheduling interviews, storing Interview results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be generated for the use of the HR group. Using this site the jobseekers can register themselves and then attend the exam. Based on the outcome of the exam the jobseekers will be short listed. For fresher, the exam will be conducted at some venue after short listing of the preliminary Aptitude Test. The details of the examination, venue & Date of the examination will be made available to them through the website.

The Online Career Guidance System begins with a career selection. Students will be able to see various career options as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. They will be able to view company profiles as well as job experiences from professionals in the field. They will be able to view information about professionals in each career from sites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Various government websites that provide job statistics will be linked to each career. All of this information will assist future college students in making an informed decision.

Modules of Online Career Guidance and Placement System

  1. Administrator: Administrator has the full authority over the website. He can view all the registered users and have the power to delete them. He can edit the web pages and update them. He can view all the company details also.
  2. Jobseeker: A jobseeker can register himself. After registration, he will be directed to his homepage. Here he can update his profile, change password and see the examination details and all.
  3. Company: A company can register itself, conduct online examination, approve or disapprove candidates attending examination and provides results about the selected candidates.

Software Specification:

  • FRONT END    :            ASP.NET
  • BACK END       :           SQL SERVER

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