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Social Networking Site for College Students

Social Networking Site for College Students

Networking in the form of online social networks is second nature for college students and aspiring young professionals today. The main purpose of creating Social Networking Site for College Students is for meeting worldwide college students and sharing knowledge, education related information’s, etc. It contains standard social network content, like profiles, pictures, email and groups, and video sharing, articles, etc. Student can create a profile, browse locations worldwide, share and collect knowledge, education related tutorials, etc.

This social networking site will only allow members who are college students. This social networking for college students can help you maintain existing relationships with people and share pictures and messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people you’ve never met before, an also using this site user can share Knowledge’s, education related books, question/answer, and any other information.

Social Networking Site for College Students


Profile detail:  It holds student profile information.

Education detail:  It has education articles, tutorials, videos ,photos  and any other information.

Upload detail: It holds uploaded images, videos, tutorials and any other  information’s .

Functional decompositions:

  • Student profile.
  • Education profile.
  • Education articles.
  • Images, videos, etc..
  • Quiz, question-answers etc.

Our social networking is a multi-lingual social networking site.  The multilingual website is awebsite which provides contents of more than one languages.

Project documents:

This project developed by indian students and it can be use Indian and foreign universities. Students can get knowledge by understanding the source code and documentation. Project Report includes System design, CFD and DFD Diagram, Synopsis, Testing report, Database design, etc.

This project is tested by professionals. This social networking Project can be used university standard for submission of final year project for BE, ME, B Tech, BCA, MCA, MBA, BSc-IT, MS, BIT, Diploma, Computer science, IGNOU, etc.

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Comments ( 30 )

  1. how can i down load its documentations

  2. how can i download code

  3. can i download this project and also codings

  4. Shahid U Rahman MIT
    October 4, 2012 at 4:49 PM

    Very Nice project. I am just Submitting the Project proposal for final project.
    then i will try that can i do.
    plz help me in preparing of proposal for this project.

  5. this is realy nice, Can you believe I had developed a similar project but was lacking at some requirements. this can compliment mine.

  6. how different is this from facebook?

  7. plz send me the ER diagram on the project.

    my email id is [email protected]
    plz plz..

  8. nice project…………

  9. how can i download it with source code

  10. i am somali want this so how i can take or download this project


  11. after logining some errors are showing like ( !
    ) Notice: A session had already been started – ignoring session_start()
    in C:wampwwwcollegenetwrkingfriends.php on line 2 .. plz suggest me how can i remove error … ?? my id is [email protected]

    April 13, 2013 at 8:32 AM

    how to run the project? could you please explain it to me? my id is [email protected]

  13. This is a good project.. and i have selected this project for my exam..
    but, there is a problem in this project.. after loading the home page, i
    try to register as a new user, it takes all the details and stores in
    the DB but doesn’t load to the next page… and shows an error as follows:

    Warning: input already been sent at location -C:xamphtdocscollegenetwrkingprofile.php error on line 8 ..

    Also similar error appears on other php pages also

    Please help to fix this error so that i can submit the project on time..

    my id is
    please help me to solve the problem as the last date to submit the project is on 3oth of this month

  14. Very Nice project. I am just Submitting the Project proposal for final project.
    then i will try that can i do.
    plz help me in preparing of proposal for this project.

  15. send dfd and system flow diagram..

  16. send documentation this project plz. plz…………….my [email protected]

  17. yaar some prob are comming like:-Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at C:xampphtdocscollegenetwrkingimgage.php:142) inC:xampphtdocscollegenetwrkingheader.php on line 2
    on clicking on photos
    how I will remove them plz help me
    my email is : [email protected]

  18. can i download this project and also codings please sent on my id [email protected]

  19. can you plz help me by sending ER diagram and UseCase diagram on [email protected]…thnks

  20. I want to change this to mysqli bcoz it was not supporting to the newer version..How to change this codings?

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