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RTO Management System in PHP MySQL

RTO Management System in PHP MySQL

RTO Management System in PHP MySQL – It is to provide an online tool for the ease of RTO functions such as vehicle registration, Learner license, permanent license, renewal of license, and many more. This web application helps for RTO office employees as well as citizens of India. It will reduce considerably the difficulties faced on existing system, with minimum error and difficulties. The RTO employees having lot of work burden of making registration, License issue, transfer, etc., which required lot of paper work. Owning a motor vehicle is a dream for most people living in India. But the existing method cannot get the things done in right time, which waste the time, energy.  “RTO Management System” has been designed to automate the process of registration of vehicle and issuing driving license process. System can make the daily activities efficient and providing the fast response to store and retrieve information. This RTO Management System developed in PHP and all the record stores in MySQL database.

RTO Management System in PHP MySQL

Scope of the RTO Management System project

  • This project works online which helps RTO office employees and Indian citizens.
  • The System keeps track of the transactions in the RTO office.
  • It maintains Renewal of Online LLR Form, Registration Form, Issue of permanent license, learner’s License, Renewal of permanent license, Issue of learner’s license, payment against challan and finally it produces printouts to payment of customers.
  • This project prepared RTO office to maintain all the records like issuing the LL, DL, Vehicle registration, Vehicle ownership transfer etc. This will automate the process of registration of vehicle and issuing driving license process.
  • System helps user to find their vehicle Information through online.


  • Front End                        : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Back End                         : PHP, MYSQL
  • Tool                                 : XAMPP
  • Programming Server : Apache Server
  • Database Server : MySQL Server

Project Modules of Online RTO Management System:

  • Admin Account module: Administrator is the main user of the project. He has the power to verify the data entered by RTO officials.
  • RTO officer account module: This module is for RTO officers to manage the user applications. Administrator is adding RTO official details. RTO officials do following task:
  • Registration of vehicle
  • Providing number for vehicle
  • Issue of information’s about driving licese.
  • Renewal of license
  • and many more
  • User/Enroller account module: This module allows usert to register through online by entering profile details. After the succesfull registration the user can login to the system by entering login id and password.
    • User registration module
    • User login module
  • Vehicle registration module: The module allows user to apply new registration of vehicles. Even this module allows to send vehicle transfer request.
    • Vehicle registration module
    • Vehicle transfer module
  • Online License Application module: This module allows users to apply for Learner license, permanent license, changing the address of license, renew the license. RTO officials can verify and approve/reject received applications.
    • Learner license module
    • Permanent license module
    • Address modification module
    • License renewal module
  • Branch module: This module allows user to add RTO branch details by entering branch name, branch description, etc.
  • Report module: This module generates various kinds of reports.
    • Registration report
    • Vehicle registration report
    • Learner license report
    • Permanent license report
    • Address modification report
    • License renewal report

Online RTO Management System Video Demo:

Download RTO Management System in PHP MySQL

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  11. I want to buy this project……can u please share the contact details

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    • Sorry. This is the hard work done by developers. It took almost two months to finish the task. We also have to pay maintenance charges every month for the website and other services. However, we are charging a very small amount that everyone can afford.

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