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Ping pong Android Game

Ping pong Android Game

We made a Ping pong Android Game project which has basic coding in Android. If you are searching best ping pong game for android then this is the right place. We feel this is the first step of Android Game development. Ping Pong game is the most popular game which we were playing in Video games or old TV set. This gaming application we developed using Android technology. Here we share document along with APK file and source code. This will work in all Android smart phones.

Everyone loves game, now a days everywhere all about Mobile game. Games like – Player Unknown Battlegrounds, PUBG, Call of duty, Mine craft, Candy crush, Clash of clans, Pokemon become very popular Mobile games. Even large scale companies also planning to develop gaming application because they can earn huge profit in that.

The project which we developed has following features:

  • This will work like Tennis game. This is the PingPong Game in Android.
  • One Player : One player can play in this another side played by mobile robot. Three opportunities per game, ball icon will be shown in the bottom.
  • Two Player or Multi-Player : Two users can play here. one user has to scroll top bar and another user has to scroll bottom bar. Player will get 3 life, ball icon will be shown in the bottom or top of the mobile screen.
  • Player: Both side will be played by mobile robots.
  • Speed control: The system will increase the ball speed for every time when user touches the ball from slider bar.

Tools and Technology:

  • Programming language: Java programming lang..
  • Android
  • Software: Android studio (Tested in Eclipse)
  • Project type: Mini project

Download Ping pong Android Game

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Complete Package download link contains Documentation, APK file and Complete Source code. Install APK file in Android mobile phone.

Thanks for visiting our website. If you have any further queries about this project please post in comment box. Our team will answer all your questions.

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  1. can you provide the full documentation of the ping pong project

  2. phong phú nguyễn
    May 14, 2016 at 2:24 PM

    can you help me code collision between two image view in android studio
    via Skype :phongphu87 or email :

  3. can you provide the full documentation of the ping pong project

  4. can you provide the full documentation of the ping pong project and coding

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