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Restaurant Management Database Project

Restaurant Management Database Project

Restaurant is the kind of business that serves the people all over the world through the ready made foods. Usually when we go to the restaurants we see the employees or the waiters who come near the tables of the customers to ask for the orders. Due to some misunderstanding by the employees there might be a chance of getting dish that was not ordered. Sometimes when there is a rush in the restaurants there is a chance of customers going back due to the unavailability of the tables even if they it is present in some or the other corner. To solve all these problems, the restaurant management database project can be useful.

The restaurant management database project will help in managing the day to day activities of the restaurant easily. The employees will be able to manage the orders placed by the customers through this system since the priority can be given to the orders that have been placed. The list of food items and the beverage list can be maintained in this database. The employees will able to locate for any empty table that is present in the restaurant.  Apart from providing food facility in the restaurant, there is also facility where the food can be ordered online and it will be delivered to their homes directly on time. To deliver the items there will be delivery boys. Each delivery boy will be assigned each area in which he can deliver the food that has been ordered. A delivery boy can have only a single area where he can deliver the food. He will not be able to deliver the food items that are not assigned to home. The customer record can also be maintained in this system. There can be premium discounts be provided to the customer if he has ordered food online maximum number of times.

Restaurant Management Database Project

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