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Power Phlogger

Power Phlogger

Power Phlogger Phlogger (short for PHP Weblogger) is a web-based PHP script that can be used to track and analyze website visitors. Power Phlogger is a version of Phlogger that includes additional features and improvements over the original version. Power Phlogger can be installed on a web server and once set up, it will track the visitors to the sites that have it installed. The data collected by the script is stored in a database and can be viewed through a web-based interface.

Some of the features of Power Phlogger include:

  • Real-time visitor tracking and statistics
  • Detailed information about visitors, such as their location, browser, and referral information
  • The ability to view and analyze data over a specified period of time, such as the last day, week, or month
  • Support for multiple users and websites, allowing you to track multiple sites from a single installation
  • Multiple language support
  • Not just a simple access counter. Power Phlogger lets you offer counter services to others from your site.
  • It requires PHP3 and mySQL. It’s been tested on PHP 3.0.17 and all
  • PHP4-releases (PHP 4.0.x – 4.3.2), mySQL 3.22.32 up to 3.23.51 and
  • mySQL 4.0.13
  • running on Apache under Linux / win32.
  • In order to make your hits visible you need the GD-lib.

t is a good tool for website owners who want to have a better understanding of their audience and their behavior, as well as to track the success of their website, but it is worth noting that Phlogger is not being actively developed and maintained, it might not work well with the latest versions of php, web servers, and databases. and since it is not updated for security, it can be vulnerable to hacking attacks.

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